Do you have it in you to become a Virtual Assistant?

Do you have it in you to become a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant Service is one of the awesome home-based jobs, where you can bring ANY of your talents to the table and earn money with it. Never think of you as some low-profiled assistant.  You are not!  You already have the interest and dedication to be an entrepreneur, as you are already taking the course. Prove yourself that you are really ready for it by doing all the action steps in every email of the course for the next few days.

VA business is one which has grown tremendously during the past 2 years and it’s also growing globally. So, there is a need for a VA in every business and every person needs an extra reliable hand.

The only things that you require to start up your VA hustle or full-time biz is a good computer, reliable Internet and a way to communicate with you other than email (phone connection, Google hangouts, Skype, etc.). If you have these two, you already have everything set up to start your career as a VA.

Personal traits that make a Virtual Assistant:

1. Reliability

This is one of the most important traits for a Virtual Assistant.  When all things are virtual, the only things clients can trust you is with your reliability.  Giving them the confidence that you can be trusted and maintaining their trust throughout the period of your VA relationship is necessary.

2. Good Communication Skills

My clients are from all over the world.  Speaking and writing proper English is a need without which virtual assistance is not possible.

3. Basic computer skills

Although VAs need not be a pro with softwares, VAs need to start with having basic knowledge of managing your email inbox, installing a new software, using collaborative tools like Skype, GoToMetting, etc.  Again, it all comes down to communicating with clients without any trouble.  If you can do that over the phone, that’s okay too.

4. Time management

When you manage the work of many other busy individuals, your time management capabilities should be stellar.  There are always ways you could improve your time management capability, but this job is not for you if you are the one to procrastinate things.

5. Provide value to the work, rather than just do jobs.

Keeping your clients happy would bring back more referrals to you.  And the first things you can do to keep your clients happy is care for your work.  Provide constructive feedback to your clients, rather than be a dummy and just do things others say.  This is a trait that will automatically come to you if you care for your clients.

6. Set and manage client’s expectations

When you start with any task, always ask for the timeline.  If it’s urgent, and you are already in the middle of another client’s work, you should be able to communicate politely to your client that it can be done only the next day.  Because setting wrong expectations to your clients will damage your reputation rather than telling them the truth.  Most clients appreciate setting proper timelines (and sticking to it).

7. Positive Attitude

Clients can be restless and tell you every thought they have about their career growth.  Panicking should not be in VA’s history.  List them, arrive with a plan and get back to them on a call and/or in an email.  And do not expect appreciations immediately.  But, you cared for their business and they know that.  They trust you now to come to you at every turn.  Always have a positive attitude towards your clients and their tasks.

8. Be active

That doesn’t need any explanation.  Your positive attitude and active personality will attract your clients towards you.  They would know that you are a man/woman of action, rather than just words.

9. Open to learning

If you want to get into Virtual Assistance biz, you are in for a life time of learning.  Or you are going to be stagnated and your pay wouldn’t rise with your experience.  And learning things keeps you up to date with the latest market in your niche.  Don’t forget, every time you learn something new, your résumé is going to become thicker and your potential client market is expanding.  Win-win, right?  😉

10. Self-Motivated and Resourcefulness

You should have the ability to work with a given problem, instead of quit trying or relying on others to help.  If you don’t have that, becoming a VA is going to be a disaster.  Not everyone can be an expert at everything.  But, be ready to search around the Internet world and learn, when your clients require something.  You can always ask for more time to learn new things that you don’t know.  But, your readiness to learn is important.


Start your Virtual Assistant biz by taking this FREE 5-day email course!

The course will let you know all the basics of being a virtual assistant. What services you can offer, how to find your clients and many other great things. Join in on the fun.

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I personally enjoy supporting other authors, publishers, and small business owners with their career. So, do you think you will enjoy it? Will you be able to take responsibility for other’s tasks and help them with their busy life?

Then you certainly should start your VA NOW. I am serious.

Just take a pen and paper (no mobile note-taking). Jot down the skills that you have. It can be anything.

Are you the one who constantly hang on social media? Will you be able to do that for others? Can you create posts and graphics and be engaged virtually for your clients? Then you could be a social media manager. Yeah, hanging out on social media is not the only thing a social media manager does. I am a social media administrator and I know there are many learning curves in my field. But, if you are willing to learn and grow your client’s profile, then you can enter into assisting with this task.

Do you have fast typing skills? I know many who type like crazy with their keyboard. How about a data entry or office support job?

Can you write blog posts, create simple blog graphics and use WordPress? That’s great. Write down each of them in that paper.

Even small things like managing your Gmail inbox properly can be a great service to offer. Being organized doesn’t come easy for many. You are in for a treat if you are that person.

So, you are not organized, what now? But, you have other skills like writing, good communication, publishing ebooks, proofreading, formatting books and blog posts and administrative skills. Actually, there is no limit for your skill set. You just have to find those out.

Making money doing things you know and love is a big dream for everyone.  But, this is totally possible, if you put your heart and guts into it.

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So, are you ready to become a virtual assistant?  What is holding you up?

Beginner’s course to becoming a Virtual Assistant for FREE!


When I say what I do for a living, the one big question everyone asks me is “What is a VA?”. When I explain (a bit), they immediately ask “how can I become one?”. Well, I tried to explain and explain and it seems like the question always comes from another friend (or stranger). 🙂

A virtual assistant is an entrepreneur, who assists others to live an easy life. Meaning: We help with any administrative, editorial and marketing tasks while the said individual concentrates on growing their career in more ways.

To start with, I am a mom with a very active kid to take care of. There were times I know I wanted to earn money, and there were only 2 hours a day I can work. Who will employ me in this circumstance? Will you? No, I don’t think so. But, the truth is I am not looking for the right job and the right people.

What do I do now?

I am a virtual assistant. My VA office hours are usually pretty much during nights. And I take a day or two off with just a single email sent to my clients. And guess what, I earn enough to support a family and more. I am not saying this is easy, but this is possible if you are an active individual, who is keen to learn and grow every single day. And that makes life more interesting.

Did I have any previous experience when people trusted me with their tasks?

No, I didn’t. My initial clients just had confidence in me that I can. And these are people who I never interacted with previously. So, I personally know that there are a lot of good people and opportunities out there, if only you are ready to be on the look out.

Being a virtual assistant is attractive for a lot of reasons.

1. It keeps you from running short of money.

2. It never gets boring. You will always have new clients, new tasks and every day is interesting.

3. You stay at home, have fun and be working on limited hours (at your scheduled time).

4. No initial investment needed, as long as you are getting more experienced and need more assistance with more systems in place.

5. You don’t make clients, you make friends. When you work for months and years with someone, who is passionate about their career and when you help them succeed, you are going to be their special someone. And that feeling – I will never with another job.

Are you afraid because of the tech stuff?

Leave the scary part. Without getting into major tech stuff, you can do a lot of things. Yes, it’s possible.

Why has virtual assistant career grown so tremendously?

Virtual assistance is one of the FASTEST growing industries worldwide. And it’s still going to grow in the coming years. I know people, who has successfully created great money and independence in their life and career.

  1. This industry will grow as long as the wonders of Internet grows, which is forever.
  2. Because both employers and employees are benefiting greatly from this. Yes, employers don’t need to give a office setup to you and maintain stuff. As long as people maintain all files online, employers are happy, as their work is safe. And we already know how a VA benefits from all this.



Start your Virtual Assistant biz by taking this FREE 5-day email course!

The course will let you know all the basics of being a virtual assistant. What services you can offer, how to find your clients and many other great things. Join in on the fun.

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People just have question after question when it comes to becoming a virtual assistant. Do they need a certification? Do they need to be tech-savvy? How much should they charge? How can they find their clients? I don’t think answering these questions in 2-3 sentences will fully help them pave their path to a VA biz.

I made this course specifically for those who are wondering about these questions yourself. Join this free email course and jumpstart your career as a virtual assistant.

All you need is a computer and a reliable Internet connection and you are all set up to start. Let me walk through the basics of how to become a VA, get clients and earn money. Whether you are a blogger, a stay at home mom or small business owner, whoever you are, we all need extra money. And if you are choosing to spend some time and get paid for your expertise (yes, you have a lot of expertise in many things – let’s figure that out), join the journey and make life more entertaining.

Join the free Virtual Assistant Course here!