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10 Ways to Increase Your Leads with Organic Traffic

Most of the clients that come to us for assistance struggle with generating leads. Whatever products or services you offer, you need to have a list, an email following. To organically build those, these ten ways to effectively generate leads.

Watch the video above for additional tips and ideas on each of these ways:

  1. Lead magnet – an attractive offering, ideal for your clients, that site visitors are excited to download it.
  2. Write blog posts – consistently post new articles to your blog to draw in traffic from search engines and light up your social media.
  3. Provide content upgrades – a free service or value that you offer with your blog post, given in exchange for the reader’s email address.
  4. Hold a challenge – create a step-by-step map to success that participants can use to achieve a goal. These are usually held over a time period, say 5 or 10 days, and the daily steps are provided via email.
  5. Online webinars, workshops or masterclasses – you will invite viewers to learn something of value. You could also follow the lesson with a pitch for your core offer.
  6. Giveaways – a great tool to generate exposure for your brand where you are giving away a prize. Give something that would resonate with your ideal audience.
  7. Summits – being a part of a summit or speaking in one is an amazing opportunity to establish presence and authority.
  8. Facebook groups – creating a group is a ticket to the most successful market for controversion. Creating one and fostering engagement will help you generate leads.
  9. Quizzes – these are a fun way to engage your audiences and a great alternative to a lead magnet.
  10. Mini-courses – these small and simple classes can provide a huge value to your audience.

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