Changing Instagram Username? It’s super easy! BUT…


Instagram is one of the popular social media out there which is more dependent on handle (username) and hashtags. So, if you are considering changing your username, read this post.

There may be many reasons for you to change your username.

1. You made a mistake the first time – this is what happened to me. I just want to try how Instagram works and created a combination of my name and just set it. But over time, when the follower count increased, I know I have to change.
2. Your business name changed and you want people to know you by your brand now – this happened to me as well. I know many of us have a business and wanted to establish your social media profiles based on that business brand.
3. Maybe you want to change the name so it matches with other social media platforms – this is a popular request from my social media clients. They want their social media profile names to be consistent, so that it’s easy for their clients and readers to remember.
4. Or you just want to do it for fun. Why not? It’s your account, so why not play around with it.

Whatever your reason is, you are lucky. Because of all the social media platforms out there, Instagram makes changing the username the easiest.


If you already do not know how to change it, here are the steps (don’t follow them before reading the full post):

  • Go to your Instagram App in your mobile.
  • At the bottom right corner of the app, you will have a profile icon (which has the shape of a person). Click on it.
  • Now, click “EDIT YOUR PROFILE” button.
  • Tap on the username box (the one below your photo and name). It’s now editable.
  • Type in your new username.
  • Now, click submit (the tick mark icon at the top right corner). If your username is already taken, there will be an error message. Else, you will receive a message that your profile is saved.

So, do you just go and change? NO. Consider all these scenarios before changing your username. You can do more bad than good if you do it on a whim.

Download the checklist for changing your Instagram Username

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You might have a lot of them linking to you so far in social media, blog posts and websites. As soon as you are changing your Instagram handle, you now have a lot of content that links to dead pages.

I know many of you have guest posted in various places just to have backlinks. So think of all those places which now points to a blank page or a dead page saying that the account no more exists.


Another person might grab your old handle and now, your old links (that you worked so hard to gain) is now giving them the leads. This is going to be a tedious task of finding them and asking them to change to your new handle.

Also, it’s going to take some time for people to know that you have changing your handle when they tag you or search for you. This time is crucial because your traffic is going to drop for some time.

Now that you know what are the two important pain points in changing your Instagram username, it’s okay to change it. Sometimes, it’s much needed for your business and branding. And it’s okay to lose a few followers in the process, because you are gain more than you lose. BUT, follow the steps that is needed to avoid or lessen this traffic loss and dead links.

Download the checklist for changing your Instagram Username

Contains everything that you need to avoid dead links and traffic loss

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