Changing Instagram Username? It’s super easy! BUT…


Instagram is one of the popular social media out there which is more dependent on handle (username) and hashtags. So, if you are considering changing your username, read this post.

There may be many reasons for you to change your username.

1. You made a mistake the first time – this is what happened to me. I just want to try how Instagram works and created a combination of my name and just set it. But over time, when the follower count increased, I know I have to change.
2. Your business name changed and you want people to know you by your brand now – this happened to me as well. I know many of us have a business and wanted to establish your social media profiles based on that business brand.
3. Maybe you want to change the name so it matches with other social media platforms – this is a popular request from my social media clients. They want their social media profile names to be consistent, so that it’s easy for their clients and readers to remember.
4. Or you just want to do it for fun. Why not? It’s your account, so why not play around with it.

Whatever your reason is, you are lucky. Because of all the social media platforms out there, Instagram makes changing the username the easiest.


If you already do not know how to change it, here are the steps (don’t follow them before reading the full post):

  • Go to your Instagram App in your mobile.
  • At the bottom right corner of the app, you will have a profile icon (which has the shape of a person). Click on it.
  • Now, click “EDIT YOUR PROFILE” button.
  • Tap on the username box (the one below your photo and name). It’s now editable.
  • Type in your new username.
  • Now, click submit (the tick mark icon at the top right corner). If your username is already taken, there will be an error message. Else, you will receive a message that your profile is saved.

So, do you just go and change? NO. Consider all these scenarios before changing your username. You can do more bad than good if you do it on a whim.

Download the checklist for changing your Instagram Username

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Contains everything that you need to avoid dead links and traffic loss

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You might have a lot of them linking to you so far in social media, blog posts and websites. As soon as you are changing your Instagram handle, you now have a lot of content that links to dead pages.

I know many of you have guest posted in various places just to have backlinks. So think of all those places which now points to a blank page or a dead page saying that the account no more exists.


Another person might grab your old handle and now, your old links (that you worked so hard to gain) is now giving them the leads. This is going to be a tedious task of finding them and asking them to change to your new handle.

Also, it’s going to take some time for people to know that you have changing your handle when they tag you or search for you. This time is crucial because your traffic is going to drop for some time.

Now that you know what are the two important pain points in changing your Instagram username, it’s okay to change it. Sometimes, it’s much needed for your business and branding. And it’s okay to lose a few followers in the process, because you are gain more than you lose. BUT, follow the steps that is needed to avoid or lessen this traffic loss and dead links.

Download the checklist for changing your Instagram Username

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Contains everything that you need to avoid dead links and traffic loss

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Do you have it in you to become a Virtual Assistant?

Do you have it in you to become a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant Service is one of the awesome home-based jobs, where you can bring ANY of your talents to the table and earn money with it. Never think of you as some low-profiled assistant.  You are not!  You already have the interest and dedication to be an entrepreneur, as you are already taking the course. Prove yourself that you are really ready for it by doing all the action steps in every email of the course for the next few days.

VA business is one which has grown tremendously during the past 2 years and it’s also growing globally. So, there is a need for a VA in every business and every person needs an extra reliable hand.

The only things that you require to start up your VA hustle or full-time biz is a good computer, reliable Internet and a way to communicate with you other than email (phone connection, Google hangouts, Skype, etc.). If you have these two, you already have everything set up to start your career as a VA.

Personal traits that make a Virtual Assistant:

1. Reliability

This is one of the most important traits for a Virtual Assistant.  When all things are virtual, the only things clients can trust you is with your reliability.  Giving them the confidence that you can be trusted and maintaining their trust throughout the period of your VA relationship is necessary.

2. Good Communication Skills

My clients are from all over the world.  Speaking and writing proper English is a need without which virtual assistance is not possible.

3. Basic computer skills

Although VAs need not be a pro with softwares, VAs need to start with having basic knowledge of managing your email inbox, installing a new software, using collaborative tools like Skype, GoToMetting, etc.  Again, it all comes down to communicating with clients without any trouble.  If you can do that over the phone, that’s okay too.

4. Time management

When you manage the work of many other busy individuals, your time management capabilities should be stellar.  There are always ways you could improve your time management capability, but this job is not for you if you are the one to procrastinate things.

5. Provide value to the work, rather than just do jobs.

Keeping your clients happy would bring back more referrals to you.  And the first things you can do to keep your clients happy is care for your work.  Provide constructive feedback to your clients, rather than be a dummy and just do things others say.  This is a trait that will automatically come to you if you care for your clients.

6. Set and manage client’s expectations

When you start with any task, always ask for the timeline.  If it’s urgent, and you are already in the middle of another client’s work, you should be able to communicate politely to your client that it can be done only the next day.  Because setting wrong expectations to your clients will damage your reputation rather than telling them the truth.  Most clients appreciate setting proper timelines (and sticking to it).

7. Positive Attitude

Clients can be restless and tell you every thought they have about their career growth.  Panicking should not be in VA’s history.  List them, arrive with a plan and get back to them on a call and/or in an email.  And do not expect appreciations immediately.  But, you cared for their business and they know that.  They trust you now to come to you at every turn.  Always have a positive attitude towards your clients and their tasks.

8. Be active

That doesn’t need any explanation.  Your positive attitude and active personality will attract your clients towards you.  They would know that you are a man/woman of action, rather than just words.

9. Open to learning

If you want to get into Virtual Assistance biz, you are in for a life time of learning.  Or you are going to be stagnated and your pay wouldn’t rise with your experience.  And learning things keeps you up to date with the latest market in your niche.  Don’t forget, every time you learn something new, your résumé is going to become thicker and your potential client market is expanding.  Win-win, right?  😉

10. Self-Motivated and Resourcefulness

You should have the ability to work with a given problem, instead of quit trying or relying on others to help.  If you don’t have that, becoming a VA is going to be a disaster.  Not everyone can be an expert at everything.  But, be ready to search around the Internet world and learn, when your clients require something.  You can always ask for more time to learn new things that you don’t know.  But, your readiness to learn is important.



Start your Virtual Assistant biz by taking this FREE 5-day email course!

The course will let you know all the basics of being a virtual assistant. What services you can offer, how to find your clients and many other great things. Join in on the fun.

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I personally enjoy supporting other authors, publishers, and small business owners with their career. So, do you think you will enjoy it? Will you be able to take responsibility for other’s tasks and help them with their busy life?

Then you certainly should start your VA NOW. I am serious.

Just take a pen and paper (no mobile note-taking). Jot down the skills that you have. It can be anything.

Are you the one who constantly hang on social media? Will you be able to do that for others? Can you create posts and graphics and be engaged virtually for your clients? Then you could be a social media manager. Yeah, hanging out on social media is not the only thing a social media manager does. I am a social media administrator and I know there are many learning curves in my field. But, if you are willing to learn and grow your client’s profile, then you can enter into assisting with this task.

Do you have fast typing skills? I know many who type like crazy with their keyboard. How about a data entry or office support job?

Can you write blog posts, create simple blog graphics and use WordPress? That’s great. Write down each of them in that paper.

Even small things like managing your Gmail inbox properly can be a great service to offer. Being organized doesn’t come easy for many. You are in for a treat if you are that person.

So, you are not organized, what now? But, you have other skills like writing, good communication, publishing ebooks, proofreading, formatting books and blog posts and administrative skills. Actually, there is no limit for your skill set. You just have to find those out.

Making money doing things you know and love is a big dream for everyone.  But, this is totally possible, if you put your heart and guts into it.

Becoming a #virtualassistant is totally possible if you put your heart and guts into it. Click To Tweet

So, are you ready to become a virtual assistant?  What is holding you up?

Beginner’s course to becoming a Virtual Assistant for FREE!


When I say what I do for a living, the one big question everyone asks me is “What is a VA?”. When I explain (a bit), they immediately ask “how can I become one?”. Well, I tried to explain and explain and it seems like the question always comes from another friend (or stranger). 🙂

A virtual assistant is an entrepreneur, who assists others to live an easy life. Meaning: We help with any administrative, editorial and marketing tasks while the said individual concentrates on growing their career in more ways.

To start with, I am a mom with a very active kid to take care of. There were times I know I wanted to earn money, and there were only 2 hours a day I can work. Who will employ me in this circumstance? Will you? No, I don’t think so. But, the truth is I am not looking for the right job and the right people.

What do I do now?

I am a virtual assistant. My VA office hours are usually pretty much during nights. And I take a day or two off with just a single email sent to my clients. And guess what, I earn enough to support a family and more. I am not saying this is easy, but this is possible if you are an active individual, who is keen to learn and grow every single day. And that makes life more interesting.

Did I have any previous experience when people trusted me with their tasks?

No, I didn’t. My initial clients just had confidence in me that I can. And these are people who I never interacted with previously. So, I personally know that there are a lot of good people and opportunities out there, if only you are ready to be on the look out.

Being a virtual assistant is attractive for a lot of reasons.

1. It keeps you from running short of money.

2. It never gets boring. You will always have new clients, new tasks and every day is interesting.

3. You stay at home, have fun and be working on limited hours (at your scheduled time).

4. No initial investment needed, as long as you are getting more experienced and need more assistance with more systems in place.

5. You don’t make clients, you make friends. When you work for months and years with someone, who is passionate about their career and when you help them succeed, you are going to be their special someone. And that feeling – I will never with another job.

Are you afraid because of the tech stuff?

Leave the scary part. Without getting into major tech stuff, you can do a lot of things. Yes, it’s possible.

Why has virtual assistant career grown so tremendously?

Virtual assistance is one of the FASTEST growing industries worldwide. And it’s still going to grow in the coming years. I know people, who has successfully created great money and independence in their life and career.

  1. This industry will grow as long as the wonders of Internet grows, which is forever.
  2. Because both employers and employees are benefiting greatly from this. Yes, employers don’t need to give a office setup to you and maintain stuff. As long as people maintain all files online, employers are happy, as their work is safe. And we already know how a VA benefits from all this.




Start your Virtual Assistant biz by taking this FREE 5-day email course!

The course will let you know all the basics of being a virtual assistant. What services you can offer, how to find your clients and many other great things. Join in on the fun.

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People just have question after question when it comes to becoming a virtual assistant. Do they need a certification? Do they need to be tech-savvy? How much should they charge? How can they find their clients? I don’t think answering these questions in 2-3 sentences will fully help them pave their path to a VA biz.

I made this course specifically for those who are wondering about these questions yourself. Join this free email course and jumpstart your career as a virtual assistant.

All you need is a computer and a reliable Internet connection and you are all set up to start. Let me walk through the basics of how to become a VA, get clients and earn money. Whether you are a blogger, a stay at home mom or small business owner, whoever you are, we all need extra money. And if you are choosing to spend some time and get paid for your expertise (yes, you have a lot of expertise in many things – let’s figure that out), join the journey and make life more entertaining.

Join the free Virtual Assistant Course here!

10 tips to increase your productivity as a freelancer while still working in a day job. Being a freelancer can get tiring, if you don't have proper systems or practices in place. To help you with that, I am providing some simple, but working ways to increase your productivity.

10 tips to increase your productivity as a freelancer while still working in a day job

10 tips to increase your productivity as a freelancer while still working in a day job. Being a freelancer can get tiring, if you don't have proper systems or practices in place. To help you with that, I am providing some simple, but working ways to increase your productivity.

The best thing about being a freelancer is having the freedom to do your work at your own pace and with your own rules.  And this also can be difficult if your schedule and rules don’t fit your client’s needs.  So, where is the freedom of being a “free”lancer?  It’s in choosing to be your own boss, having your own work timing and following your own work ethic.

Being a freelancer can get tiring if you don’t have proper systems or rules practices in place.  To help you with that, I am providing some simple, but working ways to increase your productivity.

I am totally qualified to give you these tips, because

  1. I have a full-time corporate job.
  2. I am a part-time freelancer – virtual assistant helping authors, publishers, and bloggers to achieve their goals.
  3. Most importantly, I am a mom to a one-year-old who demands my entire attention while being at home.

And you know what the awesome thing is?  Being successful at all these three parts of my life, I want to help you in increasing your productivity as well.  So, follow these great tips to increase your productivity and be free!



I know it’s very easy to say, but very difficult to follow this.  But, trust me on this – if you can complete a task within 5 minutes, just DO IT!  If you are going to just mark it on your to-do list, then when you finally sit down to actually do things, these small tasks are going to tire you out.

The nature of procrastination says that there are four things that will influence people to procrastinate.  Simply put, these are those four things: low-value tasks, personality, expectations and goal failure.

And I agree with all of these four things.  To avoid being influenced by these factors,

  1. I would personally suggest not taking low-value tasks that you are not interested in or which you think is not worth your time or skills.  It’s a major factor which gives you a bad name because of improper delivery, which in turn puts pressure of your other projects, which greatly decreases your productivity.
  2. Personality is another important trait.  If you have a more impulsive personality and easily prone to distractions, I would strongly suggest that you use apps/tools that will block sites which distract you from doing your job.  Here are three Chrome add-ons which are easy to use.
  3. Set strong and clear expectations from both you and your client.
  4. If you have the fear of failure and see procrastination as a way to postpone that failure, just know this.  Take help from other freelancers by posting in a group or community to help with the issue.  People are seriously ready to help, if only you ask.  If you still fail within assigned timelines, you can always ask your client for more time saying the things that you have done so far.  Most clients are super understanding and always ready to give another chance.  All everyone needs is for you to work dedicated and remain true.  You will be surprised by how many are ready to help when you come clean with your problem.  Even if your client is not understanding and fires you right away, you tried and had been professional and brave.  Take that to your heart and add it to your learning curve.  That will make a great post for your blog, if not anything else. 🙂


You should always know what to do next.  Be it in the restaurant queue waiting for a table, in a commute to your office or waiting for a friend in a coffee shop, always have a clear plan.  At least use that time to read your feeds, schedule your social media posts, respond to the comments or just answer a no-thinking-necessary email.  The best part of this is you are already doing all this, but without a plan.  With a proper plan, you are saving yourself a great amount of time.

I have a Business Calendar app and a paper planner at all times.  I usually have all my tasks and events planned in Google Calendar which syncs with my Business Calendar app.  And I never have tiny tasks at hand.  I finish them at the earliest opportunity that I have.

This will ensure you to gather focus on most important things when you at last sit before your PC.  Eliminate distractions via emails and social media when you, at last, have that focus.  And do not be tempted by your favorite websites and start surfing.  It will deplete your limited time and end up having you sitting through wee hours of the morning.


If there is one thing you can’t beat in freelancing, it’s the freedom to have your work hours depending solely on you.  There is no rule that you have to work from 8-4 or from 9-5 (ugh, right?).

If you want to work only half-day or 2 hours a day and still make enough money to support yourself, then that’s totally fine.  And you can totally take a vacation during weekdays and work full days during the weekend.

That’s also the main reason why those few hours you spend is more important.  There are ways with which you can save your time with softwares, tools, and mobile apps.


12 Blogging Tools to help you blog smarter


With 6 years of blogging experience and being virtual assistant, I know how much time blogging can consume. Do smart blogging by using these 30 FREE tools. These are essential for every blogger!

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All work and no play will make you dull.

I know you are working hard, trust me, I know.  And I also know there are also people who even ignore their sleep, appetite, exercise, friends and family to establish their freelancing business and make their dreams true.

You are going to be exhausted, depleting all your energy sooner than you expect and eventually get burned out.  Take some time for breaks – even small ones – between your work hours.  Even an hour with your friend or a few hours with your family would do wonders to the creative side of you, greatly enhancing your productivity.

Just playing with my kid for an hour makes me happy enough to sit through the next few hours of focused work.  I feel refreshed and ready and it works every time.  You can say that you have very less time, that you even forget to grab your lunch sometimes.   If that’s the case, it’s not long before you feel like you are really going to lose it.  And that’s actually my own experience and that hasn’t worked well.

Studies show that taking short breaks during your typical work day can make you more productive.  Go to a garden, take a walk in the park or take your friend to the coffee shop.


I am not asking you to spend hours on social media and tell me that you had your free time. Obsessive social media interactions can be even more bad for freelancers.

Give this break time to give your mind and body some rest.  According to scientific research broken down by New York Times writer Phyllis Korkki, “A growing body of evidence shows that taking regular breaks from mental tasks improves productivity and creativity — and that skipping breaks can lead to stress and exhaustion.”

Have it from someone who was once constantly exhausted, breaks are good.  There is nothing to feel guilty about taking short breaks.  Take breaks that doesn’t border on procrastination.  It’s really good.  Try it – it will make you more ready to get back to your work and you will more success.


Another main reason for bad productivity is monotonous tasks.  I know that not all freelancers can have jobs that are interesting every other day.  They can be monotonous and boring and irritating – sometimes.

One solution to this monotonous work is automation.  There are so many tools that can take your time off simple and mundane tasks.



Don’t overwhelm yourself.  Start saying NO, although it’s just temporary.  I am a freelancer and virtual assistant and I hear your mind always saying and doing things that will impress your clients (or potential clients).  Our reputation depends on it.  Our referral rate depends on it.  Our repeat business depends on it.

But, it’s also important to know to set the limits on both sides in this business.  One simple solution is to have a clear contract.

Saying NO is not a wrong thing, but saying it in a respectful and nice way is more important.  And mutually agreed-upon contract would be a major advantage to this discussion – to both parties. And this can solve you a lot of headaches.


Freelancing can be awesome, but tiring at times.  Do not lose your inspiration in all this game of money and life.

Taking that special break as I said above can be great.  But, there are other additional ways too.

Vary your tasks

Varying your tasks can keep you away from hitting that wall of monotonous activities.  This can be done, but you got to be super organized for that to happen.  When concentrating on one task, do not try to think about working on other.  Break down the tasks and always complete the current sub-task at hand.

For example,

  • You have got 2 tasks at hand: social media marketing and content creation.
  • Split the social media marketing to tasks into multiple sub-tasks: Create designs, create content, schedule via tools like Hootsuite.
  • Split the content creation task into: Prepare a draft, create images, proof-read the post, formatting and publish.

Now, shuffle these sub-tasks so that you do not get bored, but rather inspired to work on those items.  This will keep your creativity and inspiration intact.

Have some creative outlet outside of work

Deadline after deadline after deadline?  It’s easy to lose your inspiration when you are getting buried in deadlines.  But, that’s okay.  It’s a rookie mistake.  Over time, you will learn to set your client’s expectations right and holding your stand on the required timeframe to get the job done.

Meanwhile, when you are at it, feel your passion with some real food.  Do something that will make your love your job again.  Create an interest outside of work.  Get inspired.  When it’s finally time to work again, you will feel the inspiration rather than just responsibility.

And again, if you are already happy and inspired in the work, this point is unnecessary for you and I am really happy that you got it right.


In a Forbes article Dr. Karen Pine, professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire and fashion psychologist, explains:

“When we put on an item of clothing it is common for the wearer to adopt the characteristics associated with that garment. A lot of clothing has symbolic meaning for us, whether it’s ‘professional work attire’ or ‘relaxing weekend wear’, so when we put it on we prime the brain to behave in ways consistent with that meaning.”

Freelancing can be lonely at times.  Staring at your computer all day (and night) without any human company will make you feel isolated.  Maybe not!

Maybe, it’s just that all your friends are only through online via social media and forums.

Whatever the reason, most freelancers forget one very important stuff: SELF-CARE.

According to researchers at Northwestern University, clothes aren’t just a device of perception, but a tool that can really affect how you perceive yourself.  Your posture of sitting up straight and wearing more professional clothing (instead of being in PJ pants all day without any makeup or even without brushing your hair) can help you perform better.  It seems like the dress codes at workplace are not for nothing.


Even with all the smart moves that you make, there is always something that you may need help with.  It’s totally fine to ask for help.  Actually, having help can give you more financial and emotional stability.  There are two ways you can do that.


There are so many tasks that you need not do it.  Keeping your inbox to zero read emails (you can just concentrate on important emails alone that require your complete attention), website maintenance, blog post publishing (proofing, formatting and scheduling), project management, bookkeeping, social media management and so many other tasks take so much of your valuable time.  This can be done by hiring a virtual assistant.   You can take up more money by focusing on more important tasks.


There is so much know new information, tools and softwares every day.  As part of my job, I make it a habit to know about a new tool every two weeks, which will help my clients.  Be friends with other freelancers who are from your niche.  Their experience and knowledge can do wonders to your business.


Actually, you are doing great.  Tweaking a few things can set you far, yes, but being hard on yourself can set you a long way from that goal.

In fact, this study shows that self-blame is definitely counter-productive.   Instead, forgive yourself, learn from your mistakes and come back with more force and productivity.

This research points out that it’s important to evaluate each task to make sure you aren’t engaging in ‘automatic behavior’:

Often our behaviour is robotic. We do things not because we’ve really thought about it, but because it’s a habit or we’re unconsciously copying other people. This type of behaviour can be an enemy of goal striving. Ask yourself whether what you are doing is really getting you closer to your goal.

Are you reaching at least a small step forward to your goals every day?  Then you are doing it right and actually doing great.


I hope these tips are useful for you.  Are you struggling with in your daily productivity?

10 tips to increase your productivity as a freelancer while still working in a day job. Being a freelancer can get tiring, if you don't have proper systems or practices in place. To help you with that, I am providing some simple, but working ways to increase your productivity.

10 blogger friends who make me green with envy


These are the bloggers who I love with utmost devotion and love..and yes, some (okay, a lot of) envy.  These are some of my favorites for whom I make time to follow and read about.  These people have been my inspiration, my virtual online support system, my source of laughter and my rock stars.  These people influence a big community and give countless bloggers the reason to believe every day that life is never easy, but if you can give your best, success has no option but to award you the prize.

They already maybe in your list of followed sites.  But, feel free to hop onto their social media accounts and say hi.. 🙂

1. Cait from Paper Fury

If there is anyone who can tell you the meaning of the killer blog titles, it’s Cait.  Just reading her blog post title will make you want to read all the other post titles from the sidebar.  Even her comments are so awesome that I am happy to love and envy her.

Reason for envy (LOVE): Writing skills

My Favorite moment: She calls herself with so many names and addresses her readers with a variety of names as well.  I seriously laugh at times by her use of ‘splendiferous’ words, but they also seem more personal that I feel like I actually know her, even though I don’t (if sending her a couple of emails count as knowing her).

Reach her at @PaperFury!

2. Melyssa Griffin from formerly known as The Nectar Collective

Melyssa is a superhero in social media, more specifically Pinterest.  She is the proud owner of the site formerly called as The Nectar Collective and now branded with her own name.  Melyssa blogs about entrepreneur and blogging tips, along with offering courses – one of the very popular course being the Pinfinite Growth.

Reason for envy (LOVE): Confidence

My Favorite Moment:  Nowadays, most bloggers share their income report in order to benchmark themselves and inspiring others to grow further.  Did you see her March 2016 income report?  It’s not the income that made me WOW that post (even though it’s really really incredible how much a freelancer can earn), but it’s the honesty with which she shared how she made such huge income.

Reach her at @melyssa_griffin!

3. Sarah Morgan from xoSarah

Sarah is a blogger wiz, specializing in coaching people on how to grow their blog audience and establish your blog and business with successful and profitable results.  I am in Sarah’s Slack community and she seriously has some commitment towards her members.  She never left a comment or question unanswered, even though she was not tagged in it.   I wish I had that type of commitment towards my commentors. 🙂

The very idea of this blog post came from one of her newsletters.  Thank you, Sarah!

Reason for envy (LOVE): Dedication, Relaxed approach

My Favorite Moment: Sarah’s relaxed approach to things is amazing.  Where did I notice it?  Webinars, group chats, and meetings.  Her way of handling things are really cool.

Reach her at @xoSarahMorgan!

4. Leah Kalamakis from The Freelance to Freedom Project and

Leah is someone who I closely connect with, even though she doesn’t know that. 🙂  If you ask me one name in my sleep of who I dedicatedly stalk for the past few months, it’s Leah.  She is INCREDIBLE.  As with others on this list, I didn’t know her personally, but if some day, I need an advice about my life, blog and business, I will undoubtedly turn to her.  Her courses are one of the few which yields immediate results.  If you are looking to take action in your freelance business, you should take a look of her awesome courses.

Reason for envy (LOVE):  Honesty and eCourse
My Favorite Moment: Leah recently started a mentorship and I badly wanted to have her as my coach, but things are hard for me right now.  And it’s like giving away more money than I can afford.  I asked her directly whether I can pay in EMI of 3 or 4 months.  She replied to me saying that I can do this next time and for now, I already know how to get clients and how to make money.  I just needed the push for certain things, which Leah mentioned is not necessary until I make enough money to afford her mentorship without having too much pressure.  And she also said that if I still want to join, I can pay in EMI.  That honesty – made me love her even more.  This is business; this is money.  I never have seen someone who cares so much for her readers to give an honest opinion.  Well, all her blog posts ooze honesty.  You HAVE to follow her and say hi.  She is an amazing person..and an amazing freelancer.

Reach her at @leahkalamakis!

5. Ash from The Middle Finger Project

“The Middle Finger Project” – The name should say Ash’s personality.  She follows a humorous approach to getting things to her readers, which actually works great.  If you haven’t already, you much definitely go read her posts.  She will make you think while laughing – it’s called WIT.

Reason for envy (LOVE): Website design and Guts

My Favorite Moment:  Have you worked your way through Ash’s website?  Just try a search – this is what fills the whole screen.  There are so many other examples.  She doesn’t follow rules like others. She seems to have her own and they are so good.  Just getting into her website makes me happy. And don’t forget the posts which contain audio.  Go follow her and enjoy!

Reach her at @TMFProject!

6. Erin E Flynn from

Erin is a blogger that I newly have taken a liking to.  Informative blog posts and simplistic design is her charm.

Reason for envy (LOVE): Simplicity

My Favorite Moment: Not yet.  I just love her post ideas.  It’s different and what I would like to read in recent days of my busy work.  I have to know more about her, in order to have a favorite moment with her or her site.

Reach her at @erin3flynn!


7.  Nellie from Nellie and Co.

I know Nellie only strictly via my Feedly.  She has some awesome content there.  While most of my Feedly contents are inspiring, Nellie’s content are informative and productive.

Reason for envy (LOVE): Amazing content

My Favorite Moment: Her “Blogger Love” posts are the main reason I find new bloggers that I can love.  My Feedly has so many new entries because of her.

Reach her at @nellieand_co!

8. Krista from Krista Rae

Krista is another passionate blogger who moved from a full time job to being an solopreneur. Whenever I read the posts from her, it’s like someone pushing you from all sides to do something you love.

Reason for envy (LOVE): Passion

My Favorite Moment: Her recent post of “From Side Hustler to Solopreneur” is one of the most favorite moments that I had in her site.  It was honest, but inspiring.  It’s really really great how she managed to get past the biggest fear of anyone’s life – insecurity.  You have to read it to know what I am raving about.

Reach her at @HeyKristaRae!



9. Ashley from Nosegraze

Ashley is the reason I know many of the above bloggers.  Her site is where I found these people.  She is the first freelancer, who inspired me that things can be different in the world of books, reviews and monotonous design and marketing.  Her posts, her design, her courses and her freebies – they all stood unique in the land of book blogging or what I know of it.

Reason for envy (LOVE): Creative thinking

My Favorite Moment:  I would forever be grateful for the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin.  If you see her shop, things are different than most other shops.  She created what is required and what helps us save time, rather than just pretty themes (which she does as well).

Reach her at @NoseGraze!

10. Jenny from The Bloggess

I have been in love with her writing even before I started blogging.  She is one of the few bloggers who I follow since dinosaurs roamed the Earth or older than that.  Her posts crack me up.

Reason for envy (LOVE): For Being herself!

My Favorite Moment: Any blog posts mentioning her daughter, cats and her poor (or not) husband. 🙂

Reach her at @TheBloggess!


So, what do you think of these amazing people?  Have you already been acquainted with any of them?  Do you have any such favorites?  I really would love to know them.  Share it in the comments below.

Are you creating useful content in your blog/site?


Before I ask you something, let me just answer myself to it.  And the answer would be a NO!  I think I am NOT doing justice to me or my site for the past few months.  Although there were various reasons behind, the bitter truth is still the same.  I


useful content

You can argue all you want about how this blog is mine and it’s entirely acceptable to post what I want.  But, at the end of the day, I CARE whether the post that is published is useful or satisfying any one of my readers.

I CARE whether the post that is published is useful or satisfying any one of my readers. #blogging Click To Tweet

Who wants to see a long number of ongoing cover reveals, release events and excerpts delivered to their feeds or their inbox?  NO ONE!!!  I, for one, just scroll through those type of posts without even reading them.  I am definitely not saying that these contents are just waste of time and space.  But, when it comes to blogging, why do you think people follow you?  They are interested to know more about you or what you have got to say.

People think there would be something beneficial in reading your post. Click To Tweet

Through a recent survey, CoSchedule Blog found out that you want to get more traffic…

15% measure pageviews
15% measure visits
13% measure traffic in general
8% measure unique pageviews

…but 22% say that the biggest professional challenge is finding time to create content.

22% say that the biggest professional challenge is finding time to create content. #coschedule #blogging #traffic Click To Tweet

I agree!


You need not be a pro to create such content.  Information you post should be valuable or create interest or at the least, it should make them relate to their own self.  When it comes to book blogs,

  • Yes, reviews are good, but I don’t think I will follow a blog which only reviews day after day…after day.  The truth is I don’t care about most of the books you speak about.
  • Author bashing or writing to hurt the feelings of others creating negative publicity?  NOT OKAY!  Yes, people may start reading ‘those’ kind of posts, giving you more page views.  But, one of the biggest charms in book blogging is its community.  And you will be wise not to lose the trust of those people.  Or YOU ARE GOING DOWN.  BIG.  If you are going to adopt such cheap publicity (pathetic!), think again.  Trust me, no one is that desperate.
  • Lists?  Yeah, TOTALLY COOL!  Now, we are really speaking here.  Yes, it’s verified and proven that lists create more buzz than regular paragraphs.


  • “How to” posts?  YES!  I personally believe that every bloggers has something to tell to the community.  It can be as simple as a new WordPress plugin that’s useful to you or how you just managed to get some reading today.  Because there is always new things to learn.  Let us know how to do things.  Knowlege sharing is one of the best ways to keep your readers interested in your blog/site.
Whether you are the person who teach or the person who is learning, share your experience. #share #blogging Click To Tweet



Although we try not to be bothered about the infamous page views or unique visitors, you can’t stop yourself from being excited, when the content you posted starts a buzz in the community.  Right?  Yes, you are so like me. 🙂

According to the survey by CoSchedule Blog, 51% of all bloggers measure their success by some sort of traffic metric.


I guess that’s understandable by the way.  How else would you do it?

Creating traffic is not only to increase your page views or monetise your site, it’s also satisfying to know that people are actually interested in what you write.



Keep writing, but try to make time for meaningful content.

Is the content alone enough for creating an awesome blog post?  Are there easier ways or tools to do this?  That’s the topic for another day.

What do you think about this article?  What are the other forms of useful content that you think is missing in the above list?  Please share your feedback.

Thankful Blogging Challenge Day #2: Great things that happened this year!


“Thankful Blogging Challenge” is hosted by Rachel at Parajunkee.  I love the whole concept of it and can’t restrain myself from participating in the challenge.  And after all, what better way than to share the gratitude than this week?

Day #2: Awesome things that happened this year!

The best thing that happened in my life is giving birth to my baby.  This whole “being a mom” thing just blows me away.  My son was born near the end of January and that was a great start of the year.  From then on, my learning process as a mom started.  There is so much a child can teach you..and the first thing I learned is patience (and of course, I also learnt that human beings can operate normally with just 3-4 hours of sleep daily).   I am thankful every second to this universe for giving me this wonderful kid to us.

In addition to blogging, I got so many freelance jobs to keep me going and I couldn’t thank all my employers enough for giving the job at the right time.  I have to quit my day job during the final days of my pregnancy and this job kept me occupied.  I was highly satisfied with my job at the end of the day, mainly because I get to decide the duration of time I spend on work and also I can work at my leisure.  This has given me enough time to be with my child as well.

Actually, the rest of the year went in a haze.  I don’t remember a free moment between taking care of the kid and my freelancing work.  So, I guess I have to be grateful for a busy, happy and productive (literally! ;)) year.

Thankful Blogging Challenge Day #1: People, places or things…


“Thankful Blogging Challenge” is hosted by Rachel at Parajunkee.  I love the whole concept of it and can’t restrain myself from participating in the challenge.  And after all, what better way than to share the gratitude than this week?

Day #1: People, places or things…what are you thankful for?

If someone writes a book about me, the title will be “Blessed Soul”.  Seriously, I am not even exaggerating here.  I am blessed with the best life possible.  No, I am not the grand-daughter of Bill Gates or any other billionaire.  But, I have the caring parents and loving brother.  For me, they are so much more better than being born in the family of money.  My parents were strict, but that’s the reason I escaped so many problems that my friends faced during THE age.  Thank you, mom and dad, for everything.  You were the first two persons who loved me, even when I wasn’t born.  Thank you!  And my younger brother — I couldn’t thank him enough.  He has been my closest friend, my confidant, my counselor, a shoulder to cry and a person who could always count on, no matter what situation I am in.  Thank you, I will forever be grateful that you are in my life.

I got the right job with a good starting salary just during the final semester of my college.  I spent half-a-day in college and the other half in my office.  See, how cool is that?  Thank you to my professors and all the teachers who have made me what I am today.

I am happily married to the first and only love of my life.  And I haven’t regretted even a moment of my time with him.  If there is a person who I pushed to all extremes and who still couldn’t stop loving me, it’s my husband.  I am getting emotional here.  I know I have given some of the toughest times in his life.  There are certain times that I am even afraid or worried even to voice my thoughts.  But, when I finally voice it out, he has never once made me uncomfortable.  Actually, he pretty much supports all my decisions.   The only things every woman wants from her husband is love and support.  Whatever mistakes I do, he always stays by my side and the fact is that I KNOW HE WILL!  And that trust is what makes our relationship better every day.  You are the one who made me think that I am more beautiful, who made me think I am more smart and who gave me the confidence to face my fears.  A woman doesn’t need a man to make her feel those things.  But, being with a man who can respect you like that is something great altogether.  Thank you, husband, for finding me, proposing to me, loving me and supporting me..always.  Thank you for every moment (sweet or sour) of my past few years, I will always cherish it.

My baby is 10 months old.  I don’t understand this whole concept of motherhood or how this bond came all of a sudden.  I can never compare this bond with my son to any other relationship.  Being a mom is great and awesome, and I thank all the Gods in the world for giving this baby to me.  I would forever be grateful for giving me this wonderful bundle of happiness in my womb.

I don’t have a huge bunch for friends, but the handful of them are all incredible.  Each of them have been in my life for so many years and they have been supportive in all my precious moments.  Thanks guys!  You are the best of the friends I can ever have.

If I am not mentioning my colleagues here, I would definitely regret it.  They are not only my colleagues and friends, they are my second family.  I am not exactly what you call social, so apart from my family and job, I spend all my time in my computer.  So, being in my office all the time, they have started to deeply care and love for me.  They know how to deal with me and how to make me laugh.  Thank you!

What started as a hobby, is now my passion and part time job.  When I stayed at home for a few months, I entered the world of publishing.  And you know what, I got more than I bargained for.  I have never been so satisfied with my job, before this.  I started blogging 5 years back and now, I have so many blogger friends across the world.  They are so close to me that they know every important detail of my life.  Thank you to the world of blogging! 🙂  Thanks to all the authors and publishers for giving such wonderful books that contributed so many amazing hours to my life.

A big thank you to all the authors, PR managers and publishers, who is employing me.  I know you put a lot of trust in me so readily.  Thank you so much!

And last, thank you, God, for the health and happiness of all my friends and family.  Thank you for giving me the strength for getting through the tough times.  Thanks for having me surrounded by wonderful people who I can always depend on….and thanks for everything else.   Thank you for making my life so blessed.

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