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Funnel Mistakes That Most Businesses Make

If your funnel isn’t converting, you may be making one of these common mistakes: 

  • Too many steps – upsells, down sells, tripwires, and people dropping out at every stage. If you have ten steps where four would do, it’s time to simplify.
  • Not enough traffic – if there aren’t enough people testing your funnels, you won’t have enough conversions. Attract more eyes by creating content such as writing articles and increased social media engagement.
  • Your pages aren’t shareable – excited clients want to share the love!
  • Not using split testing – figure out what works and what doesn’t by giving options and evaluating what converts best
  • You are afraid to sell – believe in yourself and your product or service. Be confident in the value you offer.

Be reassured that you are in good company if you have made these errors. More than 90% of the businesses have these leaks. There are many ways to fix these  – I list a few in the video that may help you out. However, if you need a hand finding the leaks or stopping them, please give us a call – we can help you.

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Vidya Ravi holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. She began her career as a software engineer before nurturing "VRDigital" into a full-service agency with a team of technical virtual assistants, copywriters, marketers and designers. Vidya is passionate about helping service- and product-based entrepreneurs scale up their business. SHE HELPS ENTREPRENEURS MAKE AN IMPACT & AN INCOME DOING WHAT THEY LOVE!

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