10 blogger friends who make me green with envy


These are the bloggers who I love with utmost devotion and love..and yes, some (okay, a lot of) envy.  These are some of my favorites for whom I make time to follow and read about.  These people have been my inspiration, my virtual online support system, my source of laughter and my rock stars.  These people influence a big community and give countless bloggers the reason to believe every day that life is never easy, but if you can give your best, success has no option but to award you the prize.

They already maybe in your list of followed sites.  But, feel free to hop onto their social media accounts and say hi.. 🙂

1. Cait from Paper Fury

If there is anyone who can tell you the meaning of the killer blog titles, it’s Cait.  Just reading her blog post title will make you want to read all the other post titles from the sidebar.  Even her comments are so awesome that I am happy to love and envy her.

Reason for envy (LOVE): Writing skills

My Favorite moment: She calls herself with so many names and addresses her readers with a variety of names as well.  I seriously laugh at times by her use of ‘splendiferous’ words, but they also seem more personal that I feel like I actually know her, even though I don’t (if sending her a couple of emails count as knowing her).

Reach her at @PaperFury!

2. Melyssa Griffin from MelyssaGriffin.com formerly known as The Nectar Collective

Melyssa is a superhero in social media, more specifically Pinterest.  She is the proud owner of the site formerly called as The Nectar Collective and now branded with her own name.  Melyssa blogs about entrepreneur and blogging tips, along with offering courses – one of the very popular course being the Pinfinite Growth.

Reason for envy (LOVE): Confidence

My Favorite Moment:  Nowadays, most bloggers share their income report in order to benchmark themselves and inspiring others to grow further.  Did you see her March 2016 income report?  It’s not the income that made me WOW that post (even though it’s really really incredible how much a freelancer can earn), but it’s the honesty with which she shared how she made such huge income.

Reach her at @melyssa_griffin!

3. Sarah Morgan from xoSarah

Sarah is a blogger wiz, specializing in coaching people on how to grow their blog audience and establish your blog and business with successful and profitable results.  I am in Sarah’s Slack community and she seriously has some commitment towards her members.  She never left a comment or question unanswered, even though she was not tagged in it.   I wish I had that type of commitment towards my commentors. 🙂

The very idea of this blog post came from one of her newsletters.  Thank you, Sarah!

Reason for envy (LOVE): Dedication, Relaxed approach

My Favorite Moment: Sarah’s relaxed approach to things is amazing.  Where did I notice it?  Webinars, group chats, and meetings.  Her way of handling things are really cool.

Reach her at @xoSarahMorgan!

4. Leah Kalamakis from The Freelance to Freedom Project and LeahKalamakis.com

Leah is someone who I closely connect with, even though she doesn’t know that. 🙂  If you ask me one name in my sleep of who I dedicatedly stalk for the past few months, it’s Leah.  She is INCREDIBLE.  As with others on this list, I didn’t know her personally, but if some day, I need an advice about my life, blog and business, I will undoubtedly turn to her.  Her courses are one of the few which yields immediate results.  If you are looking to take action in your freelance business, you should take a look of her awesome courses.

Reason for envy (LOVE):  Honesty and eCourse
My Favorite Moment: Leah recently started a mentorship and I badly wanted to have her as my coach, but things are hard for me right now.  And it’s like giving away more money than I can afford.  I asked her directly whether I can pay in EMI of 3 or 4 months.  She replied to me saying that I can do this next time and for now, I already know how to get clients and how to make money.  I just needed the push for certain things, which Leah mentioned is not necessary until I make enough money to afford her mentorship without having too much pressure.  And she also said that if I still want to join, I can pay in EMI.  That honesty – made me love her even more.  This is business; this is money.  I never have seen someone who cares so much for her readers to give an honest opinion.  Well, all her blog posts ooze honesty.  You HAVE to follow her and say hi.  She is an amazing person..and an amazing freelancer.

Reach her at @leahkalamakis!

5. Ash from The Middle Finger Project

“The Middle Finger Project” – The name should say Ash’s personality.  She follows a humorous approach to getting things to her readers, which actually works great.  If you haven’t already, you much definitely go read her posts.  She will make you think while laughing – it’s called WIT.

Reason for envy (LOVE): Website design and Guts

My Favorite Moment:  Have you worked your way through Ash’s website?  Just try a search – this is what fills the whole screen.  There are so many other examples.  She doesn’t follow rules like others. She seems to have her own and they are so good.  Just getting into her website makes me happy. And don’t forget the posts which contain audio.  Go follow her and enjoy!

Reach her at @TMFProject!

6. Erin E Flynn from ErineFlynn.com

Erin is a blogger that I newly have taken a liking to.  Informative blog posts and simplistic design is her charm.

Reason for envy (LOVE): Simplicity

My Favorite Moment: Not yet.  I just love her post ideas.  It’s different and what I would like to read in recent days of my busy work.  I have to know more about her, in order to have a favorite moment with her or her site.

Reach her at @erin3flynn!


7.  Nellie from Nellie and Co.

I know Nellie only strictly via my Feedly.  She has some awesome content there.  While most of my Feedly contents are inspiring, Nellie’s content are informative and productive.

Reason for envy (LOVE): Amazing content

My Favorite Moment: Her “Blogger Love” posts are the main reason I find new bloggers that I can love.  My Feedly has so many new entries because of her.

Reach her at @nellieand_co!

8. Krista from Krista Rae

Krista is another passionate blogger who moved from a full time job to being an solopreneur. Whenever I read the posts from her, it’s like someone pushing you from all sides to do something you love.

Reason for envy (LOVE): Passion

My Favorite Moment: Her recent post of “From Side Hustler to Solopreneur” is one of the most favorite moments that I had in her site.  It was honest, but inspiring.  It’s really really great how she managed to get past the biggest fear of anyone’s life – insecurity.  You have to read it to know what I am raving about.

Reach her at @HeyKristaRae!



9. Ashley from Nosegraze

Ashley is the reason I know many of the above bloggers.  Her site is where I found these people.  She is the first freelancer, who inspired me that things can be different in the world of books, reviews and monotonous design and marketing.  Her posts, her design, her courses and her freebies – they all stood unique in the land of book blogging or what I know of it.

Reason for envy (LOVE): Creative thinking

My Favorite Moment:  I would forever be grateful for the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin.  If you see her shop, things are different than most other shops.  She created what is required and what helps us save time, rather than just pretty themes (which she does as well).

Reach her at @NoseGraze!

10. Jenny from The Bloggess

I have been in love with her writing even before I started blogging.  She is one of the few bloggers who I follow since dinosaurs roamed the Earth or older than that.  Her posts crack me up.

Reason for envy (LOVE): For Being herself!

My Favorite Moment: Any blog posts mentioning her daughter, cats and her poor (or not) husband. 🙂

Reach her at @TheBloggess!


So, what do you think of these amazing people?  Have you already been acquainted with any of them?  Do you have any such favorites?  I really would love to know them.  Share it in the comments below.

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  1. Cait @ Paper Fury
    Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    Awww, *blushes* YOU ARE SO VERY NICE. I’M FLAILING RIGHT NOW. *shares cake with you* And I love love some of these bloggers!! Jenny Lawson’s memoir is the BEST and omg Amanda from Nellie & Co is incredible (and super friendly <3) And now I need to click on a bunch of these. Eeeeep. Such a nice post!

    • Vidya
      Vidya says:

      Thank you, Cait. I can’t forget Jenny’s writing’s influence on me during my initial years of finding RSS feeds. I will visit her page every day. 🙂

    • Vidya
      Vidya says:

      I can’t leave you out of this list, Ashley. As I said, you are one of the main reasons I know things can be different for a book blogger.

  2. Krista
    Krista says:

    Ahh! Thank you so so much for including me! I’m truly honored to be next to these ladies and I’m so happy to hear that my journey has been a small part of yours 🙂


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